Not only Training, Coaching and Advising but also hands-on approach on setting up a delivery pipeline. More info coming soon, but you can always Contact us if you want to talk and learn more about what we can do together!

Continuous Delivery

We help companies change the way they plan and build their products with a goal of achieving Continuous Delivery.

What is Continuous Delivery and why would a company want to do it? Continuous Delivery is about changing the way we deliver product to our customers. It is about deploying our changes every day, seeing how the users react, and making adjustments based on the data we gather.

Very often, Continuous Delivery is seen as "a technical thing". While technology and IT are definitely a strong player to achieve CD, stopping there would not be enough. The reality is that there are many elements into it that are non technical. Such elements are Product management , Budgeting, Marketing and in general a governance on decision making based on experiments, data and strategic marketing.

Product Management

For us, Product management is not only about writing User Stories and have a Product Owner to prioritize them. We look at a circle that starts with an Idea and re-starts with data collected by something we delivered in the hands of our customers. We use Hypothesis, Experiments, User Stories and analytics attached to each that will help make a decision where to go. Should we double up on that idea? Should we make some changes and try again? Or should we just abandon it?

Organizational Change

For us, Organizational Change is a vehicle that helps create a system where teams and leaders can be successful with their Continuous Delivery. An organization has many elements outside of Product and IT that are required such as Finance and Accounting, People strategies, Marketing,  Sales, etc.

With a mindful organizational design, shared purpose and strategic alignment many companies can become leaner and more effective.


Available Training and Workshops

  • Start right! Training on Story Mapping, writing User Stories, creating the first MVP and an initial plan
  • Selenium for automation testers
  • Automate your requirements. Training on BDD, TDD and understanding how to build a pipeline